Mini Digger Hire

mini digger hire

Kubota K-008 Mini Digger with Optional Driver!

The perfect tool for sites where a narrow entrance is a problem, fitting through an average size doorway! with enhanced operator protection, the super mini-excavator is the best choice for tough jobs where space is limited.

6 inch Trenching Bucket

Uses – Laying utility pipes and cables, causing minimal ground disturbance.

18 inch Digging Bucket

Uses – Excavating – Digging footings, ponds, planting trees

24 inch Grading Bucket

Uses – Leveling, Landscaping

Our one tonne Kubota K-008 mini digger is available to hire for only £100 per week +VAT, including FREE delivery within 10 miles, additional miles charged at £1 each.

Require a Driver?

Hire our mini digger with a skilled driver for an additional £10 per hour!

Require Our Service?

We are happy to assist!

Please Telephone – 01643 831626